The Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

Martial arts has been a lifestyle and art form for millions of people
for centuries. It caters to our natural instincts to survive, our
desire for combat and more importantly can guide a student with
values, respect and life lessons that only martial arts can provide.

There are hundreds of different fighting styles that have been
developed throughout history including karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu,
boxing, muay thai, krav maga and many more. This often leads to a
debate on which form is the superior martial art. Where has this
discussion taken us? To the evolution of


Operate Martial arts school in the northern VA area.

Why We Do What We Do

As humans we are very much driven by internal motivations. In most cases these internal motivations are unknown to us. We're walking around on autopilot, doing, creating, and living according to these deep set motivations. Motivations which can be of a positive or a negative nature. Our psyche doesn't seem to mind either way. It just guides us according to the programming that already exists. It brings us to places and conditions in our life and we often wonder how we got there. Good or bad, it lays the course of our life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Shou' Shu'

A few weeks back the Sheng Chi Foundation was featured on the front page of the Stockton Record.
Over the years we've seen dramatic results in anyone suffering from any type of stress disorder. Shou' shu' is truly an incredible therapy for this. Previously we hadn't really researched why it was so therapeutic but recent events have encouraged us to do so.
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Shou' Shu' is Worth Preserving

Occasionally I am told of some group somewhere practicing Northern Shou' Shu'. This is wonderful. As a matter of fact today a Shifu that travels From Sacramento to train in my school told me of a group training together in Sac. They just refer to themselves as the club. It's not a school it's simply a place where a few devotees go to practice Shou' Shu' the way they learned it. The way Da' Shifu taught it to so many of us when he was alive.
They are honoring their teacher and this is highly commendable.

Karate School Kicks Off VIP Day with FREE Lessons for Poway Community


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Karate School Kicks Off VIP Day with Free Lessons for Poway Community

Shaolin Kempo School of Martial Arts- Shepherdsville, Ky.

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Shaolin Kempo School of Martial Arts - Taylorsville.Ky.

Shaolin Kempo School of Martial Arts is located in Grace in Motion Dance Academy in the heart of Taylorsville, Ky. We take pride in offering the very best Martial Arts training to men, women and children ages 6 and up. Shaolin Kempo Karate is a combined influence of Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu, Kempo Karate, and Jiu Jitsu which allow any practitioner the ability to be a well rounded martial artist.

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United Studios of Self Defense, Team Poway, is the place where friends and family get together to train in Shaolin Kempo, to share with each other the magic of the Martial Arts. Whether you're a beginner or have previous experience, USSD is the place for you. The safe and friendly studio environment at USSD Poway will quickly make you a part of our karate family. Even if you've never thought about taking classes before, come check us out. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.


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